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Meet Jest Leather

Beautiful Handmade Creations

Every piece I craft is original and lovingly built to last the test of time. From new designs to reproductions of everything I do is created with precision, patience and quality materials. Browse my site to find out more.

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My Services

It’s All in the Details

In today’s world, it’s easy to lose sight of the value inherent in handmade products. I started my leather creations 30+yrs ago to showcase and sell my creations while also crafting designs to your specifications. Scroll down to learn more about my services.

Custom Design

Ever since I started creating leather products , I have been committed to completing my projects on time and delivering state-of-the-art results. If you want to learn more about my Custom Design services or would like to schedule a consultation to discuss your customized order please contact me today.


Please get in touch to discuss custom orders.

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A Brief History of Jest Leather

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Ever since I was young I knew that I wanted to dedicate my life to making beautiful, unique products. I set up my company in 1979 in Dallas,Texas and during off time from construction and rainy days. It took over 40 yrs to learn my trade. I have had a steady stream of customers who loved the quality and style of my designs. Now I’m retired & a veteran where I mostly devote my time to bring you beautiful custom Leather work, As well as creating customized products, I also bring old items back to life through patient and accurate restoration.

It took all them yrs to become a Leather smith and I’m THANKFUL!! GOD BLESS!!

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For any inquiries or to place an order please contact me . God Bless Thank you to everyone. DON-JEST LEATHER

P O Box 257
Sheridan TX 77475


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